Thursday, November 29, 2012

Allow me to introduce myself....

In the wake of being close to finishing my second-to-last semester in community psychology I have had major upheavals to my life. Yesterday I lost my job, and while it was definitely a bit of a downer, I saw the potential for me to move on in my life and explore new avenues. So don't cry for me, cyberworld, I'm not beaten, nor will I ever be.

I decided to start this blog, both as a potential avenue for social change and teaching others, as well as a personal challenge and outlet for my ideas. I want to share what I learn with the world. There is so much that I've learned about myself, about psychology, and about community change. I want to teach people about that, and I want to point out that we use psychology and activism in the everyday, with every decision we make.

My name isn't important, and you may or may not already know me. If you need a label to attach, call me Shadow. There isn't meant to be a negative connotation to it, but shadows are present in light and in darkness. They are everywhere, and so is what I want to share.

Blogs will be posted with passion, with sincerity, and with humor... at least that is the attempt. Be kind, yeah?

That being said...Welcome to the blog. Make yourself at home. Share, enjoy, but have respect. This isn't a platform, and the elections are over. Let's practice a little decorum, shall we?  We can all communicate with a sense of humor, and cordiality. Enjoy!