Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Spring Break that wasn't. ..

Well...The spring break that wasn't is almost over. I find it is hitting me harder this year than it normally does. I don't like to whine on such a public forum, but I feel the need to rant a bit. I have worked every spring break since my undergrad, but for some reason this one, like this past Christmas break, feels particularly unsatisfying.  I am not rested, I am not ahead of my tasks, and I feel like I haven't done anything constructive neither creatively nor academically. My to-read list still remains,  my chore list still remains,  my unwritten letters,  meditation, self-discovery,  and knitting projects ALL still remain!!

Even when I worked nights, I still felt like my last spring break meant something. Being the introspective creature that I am, I started thinking about why this could be.  Part of it could be due to the fact that I am ending one aspect of my life and acknowledging that might be causing me subconscious panic,  since I feel up in the air future-wise. Another part of me could cite ineffective prioritizing and time management (ironic considering I have done research on that very subject and it is going to be a future topic).  I let too many things become urgent-important or urgent-not important and let the important-not urgent stuff end up in the  back burner. (For the urgency matrix, look up Stephen R. Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People")

Regardless, I feel more harried than ever. None of my weekends seem to be free until after graduation, so I can't rely on them for the break I desperately need. Even my body feels the effects, tired, worn down, and sick. I haven't had a manicure, a hair trim, and barely have time to gather my thoughts. I also feel listless, undesiring to work, unable to concentrate, and impatient.

I need a break from Spring Break...


  1. Life just seems to get like that these days, always so much to do. How about trying a mini-break, for just one day, do nothing except relax, read, or pampering. All the 'job's can wait for just one day. :)

  2. It sounds like you have senioritis (or whatever it is called when you are in your last semester of your graduate program). I suffered the same symptoms toward the end of my grad. program. I figured it was a mild form of grieving due to the "loss" of my schooling. I was losing the discipline of my studies, and more importantly, losing my classmates - though many of us have stayed friends. I can tell you "it's ok. Things get better," but that is for later. Right now I will say, "It's ok to grieve. I understand."

  3. Transistions, even good ones, can be tough. I think you should take that minibreak!